Yamazaki Dinner


  • November 7, 2023
  • November 7, 2023
  • 06:00 PM
  • 09:00 PM


  • Haven Patio, 2208 W. Morrison Ave, FL, 33606
  • United States


  • $600 per person (seats will be sold in groups of 2)

Yamazaki Dinner

$600 per person (seats will be sold in groups of two)
Attire: Dressy Casual
*Complimentary valet parking at Haven

Join us at Haven on our patio for a celebration of the House of Suntory as we take you on a cultural journey through the heart of Japan. Senior Brand Ambassador, Gardner Dunn, will lead you on an expedition of meticulously crafted Yamazaki expressions. These Japanese whiskies are the quintessential spirit, crafted with attention to detail and a steadfast commitment to quality. In our relentless pursuit of perfection, guest Chef Michael Collantes from Michelin-starred Soseki Modern Omakase will join Chef Chad Johnson in the kitchen to create courses that will accentuate the magic of Yamazaki.

~All sales are final and this outdoor event will take place rain or shine~

Gardner Dunn

Gardner Dunn has always been ahead of the curve. As a musician, as a trendsetting New York bartender, and most notably as the first ambassador of Japanese whisky in the US over 14 years ago, Gardner’s unique talent and perspective move the needle on everything he attempts.  His role as Senior Brand Ambassador for the House of Suntory portfolio for Beam Suntory showcases his gift of making what seems impossible, possible. In his tenure, Gardner has taken Japanese whisky from the dusty bottom shelves of liquor stores and made it one of the most sought-after categories in the best bars and restaurants in the country.

Growing up in Southern California and going to school in Montana, Gardner set his sights on becoming a full-time musician, a drummer more specifically. His dedication to his craft paid off, and soon he left college to tour and record with bands all over the world for several years. Gardner eventually found himself in New York after returning from a stint living in Europe. Never one to do things halfway, Gardner took up bartending with the same ambition and eye on the future as he did with making music. Shaking and stirring at some of the top spots in the city, Gardner started winning international cocktail competitions which sent him to places like New Zealand and Brazil. After 10 years behind the stick, he was approached to represent Midori and a little-known whisky, Yamazaki. Gardner was so impressed by this diamond in the rough whisky, he felt called to spread the word about it and ended up evolving his position into an exclusively Japanese whisky role after growing the brand and the category exponentially. The reason you see Japanese whisky keeping company with Scotch, Bourbon, and Irish on menus these days has everything to do with Gardner Dunn.

Having won countless awards, including the much-coveted Icon of Whisky in 2019, Gardner is focused on sharing the Japanese concept of monozukuri, or passionate craftsmanship with people serving the spirit and the enthusiasts who love drinking it. Spending time in Japan with Suntory’s Master Blender and Chief Distiller, Gardner not only continues to expand his own understanding of the techniques, culture, and craft behind each bottle but also finds inspiration to create even more innovative tasting experiences that tell the story of The House of Suntory.

Now based in Miami, Gardner enjoys exploring his new city. He is still playing drums, even crafting his own instruments on occasion. If you catch him out and about, highball in hand, and ask him for his best advice he will probably tell you to truly believe in what you do and you will find success. Gardner is living proof.

Gardner Dunn - Yamazaki